2019 Ohio Job Growth "Dismal"

In June of 2019, OHFF predicted a dismal private sector job growth number of around 9600 jobs created for 2019. Our estimate was based on less than sluggish growth in job creation in most industries state wide. As preliminary numbers for December drop, the facts seem to be a shade worse.

"Ohio’s unemployment rate held steady for the fourth straight month at 4.2% in December, and the state added 9.800 jobs, the government reported Friday. The jobs pickup means Ohio is now on the positive side for the year, gaining 8,200 since January, or 0.1%. "

These are the worst numbers since the Strickland Administration in 2009. The worst year for job creation for the Kasich administration was roughly 32,000 jobs. While the nation celebrates in a booming national economy, Ohio still suffers from decades of bad policy and over regulation that is causing Jobs and Businesses to leave our state. The current administration did little to address the root issues in 2019. Job creation numbers need to be 50,000 - 70,000 per year to keep Ohio competitive with other states.

In 2020, Ohio's Future Foundation, in conjunction with multiple groups; will be taking the lead to develop solutions to fix Ohio and start bringing prosperity back to our state.

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