Closing Gun Loopholes by Doubling Spending?

With gun control legislation a prominent discussion at the Statehouse, OHFF did some digging and had a question on HB 354, introduced by Reps. Plummer (R - Dayton) and Swearingen (R - Erie):

Why is the state looking to push gun control laws by funneling 10 million dollars to a newly formed bureaucratic entity (InnovateOhio) led by Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted? We have a fully funded Department of Public Safety and Attorney General, yet the state wants to give 10 million more tax dollars to a new bureaucratic entity for a "weapons disability data portal"? 

This would more than double the nine million dollars in funding that InnovateOhio received in the State Budget earlier this year. Maybe InnovateOhio should be focused on job-creation seeing as Ohio has only produced a dismal 2,600 private-sector jobs as of June 30, 2019.

Ohio cannot afford unfettered spending.

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