In these uncertain times...

As our state has turned upside down in a matter of days, there is now no other issue in Ohio that effects us as COVID-19, "the Coronavirus". For the last 15 months, you have looked to Ohio's Future Foundation for facts and truth on issues that are effecting you. With that in mind, we are shifting 100% of our resources to bringing you facts and resources to Lead Ohio thru this situation. Please... Read the emails, Like our Facebook Page, Follow us on Twitter (@ohiosfuture), and we have even launched and Instagram (@Ohios_Future) account. More information will be coming as this situation changes every hour. Here is what we know right now: • There is NO VOTING TODAY. The State Supreme Court denied a challenge to the order issued last night by the Governor and the Secretary of State. • Gatherings have been reduced to 50 people. • Folks over the age of 65 are encouraged to stay home. Please continue to have your trust in us. Information and resources will be coming frequently. Thank You, Ohio's Future Foundation

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