Merry Christmas Ohio

Over the past year, Ohio's Future Foundation planted its roots to inspire new growth for taxpayers and business owners across the state.  With your help, we traveled across the state to over 100 events and radio interviews that laid out the challenges Ohio faces, built up a following of over twenty thousand Ohioans, and developed lasting relationships with like-minded organizations across the state and country. 

Moving into 2020, we are even more thrilled at the opportunity ahead as we will now be introducing a series of solutions to Ohio's woes so that taxpayers, business owners, and policymakers have a clear footing to make the Buckeye state prosperous, once again.

None of this could be achieved without your support.

During this holiday season and heading into the New Year we want to thank you for your commitment to Ohio.

Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season, and we're excited to share the New Year with you.

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