Plan for our Economic Recovery..Make it in Ohio

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

During times of uncertainty and fear, it can be challenging to see what made us strong in the past and realize the opportunity and the responsibility we have to re-establish ourselves. In Ohio, those strengths include innovation, ingenuity, and resilience; whether it be the Wright brothers conquering the skies or Thomas Edison forever illuminating our lives, Ohio has been a leader. Ohio has served not only as the birthplace of ideas, but also as their producer through manufacturing. And though we have struggled to maintain this control through poor public policy, these uncertain times give us an opportunity to re-establish Ohio as a leader in manufacturing goods -- whether they be life-saving ventilators or the household goods we are quickly learning to not take for granted. Ohio’s Future Foundation’s goal is to ensure that businesses across the Buckeye State have the ability to thrive. It is time Ohio manufacturers, political leaders, and its hard-working citizens step up and reclaim the industry which gave so many the opportunity to live the American dream. This is our opportunity to learn from the mistakes of our past and bring back the supply chain of manufacturing and production to Ohio, and again, lead the world. If it's made in Ohio, it is made by the best.

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