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Dear Friends,

Over the past several decades, Ohio has struggled to keep up with the rest of the nation, ranking 42nd in business tax climate, 40th in overall healthcare, and 33rd in energy infrastructure. Simply put, something must change to ensure the next generation of Ohioans can compete. That's why I am proud to announce the launch of Ohio’s Future Foundation, a 501.c4 non-profit organization; dedicated to returning Ohio to its once prosperous roots. At Ohio’s Future Foundation, we are committed to educating Ohioans, advocating for policies that allow businesses to grow, and unifying organizations on common ground policies that will move Ohio forward.

At Ohio’s Future Foundation we will strive to educate, advocate, and network to effectuate change on public policy effecting Ohioans. We know a state that can compete will repave the future for our state, which is why our focus is steadfast on business related policies that will make Ohio first. Our goal is to educate the public through forums, targeted media, and educational seminars giving our members the tools needed to effectively advocate on the issues that will make Ohio the best state in which to live, work, and raise a family. We are an organization that seeks business leaders who share these beliefs, social organizations that want to help unite our voices across Ohio, and individuals who seek to create a brighter future for Ohio.

As a lifelong Ohioan who has lived across the state, this is home, and it’s why I am proud to serve as Executive Director of Ohio’s Future Foundation. Having worked in the state legislature, executive branch, non-profit community, and campaign field, I believe now more than ever we must restore the voice of Ohioans in all corners of the state. I am also honored to have the support of someone I admire in our chairman, Fmr. Congressman Jim Renacci. Having owned and operated 60 businesses throughout the state, as well as his experience in Congress, Jim knows what it takes to turn our state around.

With our vision to change Ohio’s course for the next generation, we hope we can earn your help and support. We welcome the opportunity to discuss what Ohio’s Future Foundation goals are and how we can work together for a brighter future. If you or your business would like to join us in making Ohio the leading example of prosperity across the nation, please visit our website, give us a call at 330-485-6189, or contact us via email at

I look forward to working with all of you.

Best regards,

Jeff Anthony

Executive Director

Ohio’s Future Foundation

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